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WishPost is launched by Wish logistics product , which provides ordering, collecting, shipping, tracking services for Wish merchants

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Dedicated Line for Key Routes

We provide exclusive collection warehouse, Dedicated Line products, professional warehousing and other integrated logistics solutions for excellent Wish merchants.
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Global users exceed

300 million

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Average daily processing orders

1.5 million

WishPost latest announcement




  • 顺友平邮国际普货小包
  • 顺友通平邮小包特货
  • 燕文航空经济小包-普货
  • 捷买送经济小包平邮特货
  • EQ爱沙邮局半查小包-普货
  • 燕文航空经济小包-特货
  • 递四方-S小包平邮+
  • YDH-土耳其华南平邮小包
  • 飞特华南小包平邮

我们鼓励您将产品加入EPC(Export Process Center,即合并订单)项目,以享受一系列物流利好,比如相比平邮渠道具有竞争力的物流价格、全程物流跟踪、更低的退款率和更高的产品评分等。请注意,EPC加拿大路向物流价格如下:


重量段 (g) item fee (RMB) fee per kg (RMB)
<= 30g 4.49 0
30 - 80 g 0.913 119.07
80 - 250 g 5.881 56.97
250 - 5000 g 18 54


重量段 (g) item fee (RMB) fee per kg (RMB)
<= 30g 5.49 0
30 - 80 g 1.913 119.07
80 - 250 g 6.881 56.97
250 - 5000 g 19 54



WishPost Logistics


Delivery time for reference: 9-14 days to United States, 12-15 days to Canada, 10-12 days to France or Switzeland
Tracking record: whole course tracking information from collection to delivery shipped by real flights
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Europe Line

Delivery time for reference: 4-9 working days to Britain, 6-8 working days to Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Denmark, 6-7 working days to Netherlands, 8-12 working days to Germany
Tracking record: WishPost- Europe Economy provides tracking infomation to the destination country, and WishPost-Europe Standard provides overall tracking information
Supported Category: electronic products supported in most of routes


Delivery time for reference: 7-15 working days to Saudi Arabia or Ukraine, 7-10 working days to Russia or the other destination countries
Tracking record: tracking information can be tracked until delivery
Supported category: only general cargo
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Delivery time for reference: 10-15 days to Western Europe or North America, 35-40 days to South America, 20-25 days to Eastern Europe or Russia
Tracking record: ChinaPost-unregistered only has domestic tracking information and ChinaPost-registered has overall tracking information for most countries.
Supported category: only general cargo

Exclusive Cross-border Logistics Solutions for Wish Merchants

Free Registration and Global Delivery

WishPost User Guide


The registered account is certified by the real name.


Refer to the Routing Guide, select a carrier


Waiting for collection or ship to carriers by merchants


The carrier shipped to the customer


What is WishPost?

WishPost is an exclusive logistics solution for Wish merchants jointly launched by ChinaPost and Wish.

How to search tracking information of WishPost's package?

Each WishPost package has a unique tracking number. Merchants can follow up package information on WishPost website.

How to apply for tracking number of WishPost?

After a user uploads orders to WishPost site, tracking numbers will be generated.

Which countries WishPost can ship to?

You can learn the list of countries that WishPost can shipped to on the top-left corner of WishPost's siteAbout us, and you can learn about it.

Which third party system has been intergrated with WishPost’s API?

The ERPs that have been integrated with WishPost's API include: Mabang, Allroot, Tong Tool ERP, ECPP, Mango ERP and DianXiaoMi.

How to sign up for WishPost?

Wish merchants, sign up on website (WishPost's official website) by yourself.

What is the restriction of transport requirements of WishPost?

Prohibited items include those items prohibited or restricted from being transferd, shipped or exported by Chinese national laws and regulations, hazardous article and other items that do not conform to the stipulations of IATA, items prohibited or restricted to import listed by destination countries or regions. Please refer to the regulations of China airlines and express.

Exclusive Cross-border Logistics Solutions for Wish Merchants

Exclusive warehouse, special line logistics, professional warehousing service and other integrated services

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